I want to reference entire row from another as argument in my function, normally I would use something like this: OtherSheet!27:27

But what, if 27 is a dynamic value stored in other cell?

For example, I have MATCH function looking like this:


and value 27 stored in cell A1. When I'll change the value to 28 I want my MATCH function look like this:


What should I use to achieve that?


What you are looking for is Excel’s INDIRECT function which allows to reference ranges specified as literal values, be they stored elsewhere, passed literally or a combination of both. Thus,

=MATCH(B6; INDIRECT("OtherSheet!" & A1 & ":" A1); 0)

will evaluate to

=MATCH(B6; OtherSheet!27:27; 0)

if cell A1 contains the value 27.


=MATCH(B6;OtherSheet!27:27;0) Is a search function which should return the value that is in cell 27, which may not be 27.

Change (B6;OtherSheet!27:27;0) to (B6;OtherSheet!A1:A1), to return the value stored in cell A1.

  • I'm sorry if I didn't explain it clear enough - English isn't my native language, but that's not what I'm trying to achieve. I want my MATCH function to search row, which number is stored in cell A1. So when value stored in A1 is 27 - search OtherSheet, row 27, when value in A1 is 35 - search OtherSheet, row 35 etc. – Piotr May 14 '17 at 19:40

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