I have a Corel Draw file, but I don't have Corel Draw software with me.

Is it possible to open this file in Photoshop or convert it to a PSD or other image format?

I searched on the internet but didn't find any free software or plug-in that would do this.


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Use Inkscape! It's a really powerful graphical tool and it's free

alt text

Can I open/import *.cdr (Corel Draw Vector drawing file) files in Inkscape?

You can use the UniConvertor for converting CDR files and some other formats to SVG. In Inkscape 0.46, there's an input extension that will allow you to open or import CDR files directly from Inkscape if you have UniConvertor installed on your system.

If you can't run UniConvertor, you can try this workaround:

  • Open the CDR file in Corel Draw. Save it as binary encoded CGM* file. It will save only vector graphics. It will not save bitmap graphics.
  • Open the CGM file in OpenOffice Impress. Copy to Open Office Draw and insert original JPG or another bitmap graphics. Save file as ODG And you can continue in Open Office Draw program.)
  • Select all (CTRL+A)
  • Export as SVG.
  • Open SVG file in Inkscape and correct mistakes if they appear.
  • Note: OpenOffice will open only binary encoded CGM files in Impress. If the CGM is encoded using clear-text encoding, it will be opened in OpenOfice Writer, thus rendering the next steps invalid.

Have you tried this software? Here is the search that I used.

EDIT: Found the .cdr file converter. Well, at least the program claims to work with those files. So try XnView. I did not work with that program, but I found on some forum that it can convert cdr files.

Here is another one, looks like an online tool: www.filespazz.com

  • its wrong search , my question is from Coral Draw to PSD not from PSD to coral Draw.
    – user20989
    Mar 17, 2010 at 7:45

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