Is there a way to make it so that simply highlighting text in PuTTY DOESN'T automatically copy that text to the clipboard? I want to have to actually right click and select copy or type [CRTL]+[SHIFT]+C to copy.

I've turned off right-click pasting by going to Configuration>Window>Selection and choosing "Windows", but highlighting still copies.


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The "copy on selection" feature likely cannot be disabled. The PuTTY manual (specifically 3.1.1 Copying and pasting text) does not specify any way to disable copy on selection.

As a workaround, consider using a different client. I use Cygwin which includes mintty terminal client which does have an option to disable "Copy on select."

  • I've been using Cygwin for 10 years and I love it. Sadly, my new company appears to use an antivirus that conflicts with the installer. For now, I'm stuck with PuTTY.
    – ewok
    May 17, 2017 at 1:21
  • The line for the configuration file (~/.minttyrc) is CopyOnSelect=no.
    – Kevin
    Aug 22, 2019 at 12:55

You can Disable copy/ paste by going to putty configuration \ windows \ selection

then change "Mouse Paste Action" to "No Action" to disable mouse paste and then uncheck "Auto-copy selected text to system clipboard" to disable mouse copy

then save to session settings for all sessions


Just go to Selection settings and change two settings:

  • Action of mouse buttons -> from Compromise to Windows (Right click brings menu)
  • Assign copy/paste selected actions to clipboards (remove checkbox mark)
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To disable copy on text selection:

In PuTTY Configuration | Window | Selection, uncheck Auto-copy selected text to system clipboard.

To disable paste on right click:

In PuTTY Configuration | Window | Selection, for Action of mouse buttons, choose Windows (Middle extends, Right brings up menu).

To save these as default settings:

In PuTTY Configuration | Session, choose Default Settings, then click Save.

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