I want to to know how to make a .torrent file of a direct link file, this is similar to web seed but i don't have the file in my local pc, i know this can be done because there are websites that actually convert a web link into a torrent file, but i am interested in how to do it manually.

This is not a normal way to create torrents but sometimes i need to create torrents legally using multiple files that are stored in different web addresses then tell the my torrent client to make a folder of them.

I know some people will be searching how to do this, if you know the answers please tell us.

thank you


It's not possible.
You need to have direct access to the file, to be able to hash the pieces that a file is divided up into when a torrent is created.
Those websites works by first downloading the file and then create the torrent.

  • What you said may be right but is there a way to force the torrent client to download the web seeded files without verifying the checksum of divided pieces ? letting the client to verify only the corresponding names and download from the web adresses, i know it's not possible to do it normal way but may be by programming and editing some features to make a torrent client work this way. – P. Kod May 17 '17 at 19:31
  • Thank you Encombe for your answers, that's right i was expecting to hear that it is possible, but i'm not the one who downvoted, i have only 6 reputations. please if you heard anything related to my question please let me know. – P. Kod May 17 '17 at 20:27

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