I'm potentially interested in acquiring a CULV machine. I like the idea of a netbook, but need a little more horsepower. So, of course, I need to obsess over a hundred different reviews first.

Can you recommend some good sources of CULV reviews? Anandtech recently ran a roundup, but I'd prefer sites that have ongoing CULV coverage. Thanks!


I quite strongly favour AnandTech’s reviews, and the link you posted is the best CULV-notebook round-up I’ve seen. If you are looking for slightly more up to date information, then Engadget’s CULV tag, TechRadar, TrustedReviews, and Geek.com all provide news and reviews. HandsOn Reviews aggregates reviews from Notebookcheck (and other sites), which I have found to be useful in the past. The Wikipedia page also has a list of current CULV-notebook which looks fairly comprehensive.

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