I have a problem while displayinh a .csv file a friend of mine sent to me online. Ineed, it used to be much more simpler tnat the screenshot below. What can I do to retrieve the original file ?

enter image description here

  • It looks like you need to open the file using ; as a delimiter not , – DavidPostill May 19 '17 at 13:26

It does not appear to be a (csv) comma separated file; rather it appears to be a semicolon separated file. And it also appears that there are some issues with rows 42 and below -- perhaps there were commas there within the text.

In any event

  1. Download the file onto your computer. (Do NOT Open the file with Excel)
  2. Change the file type suffix to .txt. You may have to enable the feature to show file name extensions in File Explorer ( ► View ► Show/Hide ► File name extensions)
    • This may or may not be necessary, but Excel has some built-in transformations it will do with csv files, that may be undesireable in this case.
  3. In Excel, navigate to Data ► Get External Data ► From Text

enter image description here

Now select your file from the dialog box for Import. This will open the Text import wizard.

You can now select the delimiter (probably a semi-colon) and you can also define the date format for your date column (e.g: DMY) as well as defining other columns as Text or General.

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  1. Select the first column

  2. Go to Data > Text to Columns. This starts a wizard.

enter image description here

  1. Click Delimited > Next.

enter image description here

  1. Check semicolon and clear the rest of the boxes. You can see a preview of your data in the Data preview window and click Next.

  2. Now you can pick the format for your new columns, or you can let Excel do it for you.

  3. Click Finish.

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