When I do google search I see this popup from time to time on search results page in upper right corner:

enter image description here

From this question on SO I knew that it's appearance depends on cookies set by google and indeed it appears constantly in Firefox private mode because cookies are not saved in this mode.

How can I block this popup or prevent it from appearing so that I can verify this in private mode ? I have Adblock Plus installed but it does not block it.


It appears from your question Firefox is the browser of choice. Don't have that, but as there is not enough rep in the kitty for comments, here's a solution for Edge users with an aversion to clicking nag pop-ups: From BeanBrown's post at the end of this thread copy the following link and make that the home page:


One way to do this with Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0 is explained at Wikihow.


Found the rule blocking this popup in Fanboy Annoyances List. It can be added from here. For Adblock Plus users it is also necessary to uncheck "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" checkbox. See this github issue for more details.

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