I have a Windows laptop with Virtualbox. I'm virtualizing Arch Linux. I installed the Guest Additions and I can see my shared folder automounted as /media/sf_shared.

I created a new user with useradd -m -d /media/sf_shared/<homedir_name> -G vboxsf <username>. But when I try to login with it, I get a change directory failed: Permission denied error.

I noticed that the home directory (automatically created by the -m option of useradd) does not belong to the new user, but to root, with group vboxsf. I think this happens because of the way that directory is automounted on startup by VirtualBox. I don't think this should create problems, given that I added my new user to that group with -G vboxsf, so that it has access.

Am I missing something?

  • I solved my own problem. Waiting 2 days to mark the answer as accepted. – lodo May 20 '17 at 19:51

While /media/sf_shared belonged to root:vboxsf, /media itself belonged to root:root. As I'm only using it to contain the shared folder, I chown-ed it to root:vboxsf and this solved the issue. Not sure why, though.

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