I recently got a 2 port Dual DisplayPort KVM Switch so that I could use both my work laptop (the docking station comes with 2 DisplayPort outputs, hence the choice for a DisplayPort switch) and my desktop with my existing 2 HDMI monitors.

I'm using 2 DisplayPort to HDMI passive converter cables from the KVM switch to the monitors and I can use both monitors fine when I'm on the laptop. However, when using the desktop, one of the 2 monitors isn't detected by the video card. My video card has a DisplayPort output (working with one monitor). The second port is an HDMI. I realized that I couldn't passively convert an HDMI signal to DisplayPort, so I'm now using an active HDMI-to-DisplayPort converter from the card to the switch. For some reason the monitor still isn't being recognized. Any ideas what I could be doing to fix this setup (HDMI output to DP switch to HDMI monitor), without having to change the current KVM switch?


First of all, you need to check the harward version of the HDMI video out of you PC and the DisplayPort version which your DisplayPort KVM switch can support.

There are so many different versions of both HDMI and DisplayPort standard.

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