Here is a Linux distro (Solus) in which bash is not quite complete.  It seems that command adduser is missing.  Command adduser is not the same command as useradd.

In Ubuntu both commands are built-in in bash.  How do I install the command adduser into bash (of Solus)?

  • As ivanivan says, commands (with a few exceptions — see bash(1)) are not built in to bash.  Think of the grocery store and the library; and now think of your car.  You can get to the grocery store and the library in your car, but they’re not built in to your car.  Same thing with bash and programs/scripts like adduser and useradd. May 21, 2017 at 23:25

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They are not built in to bash. Bash is its own. In Debian (and therefore Ubuntu), adduser is part of the "adduser" package – as is deluser (and both are just shell scripts), but the useradd and userdel programs come from the passwd package.

Since Solus is a from-ground-up distribution and not based on an existing one, you'll need to use their method of adding/removing users.  See Managing Users at the Solus Help Center.

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