I want to access different services / web sites with a domain from my local computer, but also from over the internet.

My network setup:

Network setup I run a local DNS on my Synology DS216j with the new DSM 6.1. I have configured my local DNS to resolve cloud.mydomain.com and web.mydomain.com.

My router is a TP-Link Archer 2600.

On the DynDNS from noip.com I have created an A-Host entry that points to my external IP from my local network.

What I tried:

When I enter cloud.mydomain.com on my local computer (PC 1) the local DNS redirects me to the correct website. The same for web.mydomain.com.

But when I try enter cloud.mydomain.com or web.mydomain.com on an external computer over the internet (PC 2) I get a timout.

When I configure for example a port forward for the port 80 to cloud.mydomain.com I can access to local server. But only that server then, whether I enter cloud.mydomain.com or web.domain.com.

What do I need to configure to access my local servers from a computer over the internet?

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One option would be to use another public IP, so DNS records for cloud.mydomain.com will point to an IP1 and web.mydomain.com will point to IP2.

Another option is to use a reverse proxy, so both cloud.mydomain.com and web.mydomain.com will point to the same IP, port 80 will be forwarded to a reverse proxy in your local network and reverse proxy will forward HTTP requests based on the domain name in the HTTP GET to either cloud or www servers.

  • Reverse proxy is the key word. I added for now a reverse proxy in the Synology DSM a tutorial.
    – bvwidt
    May 23, 2017 at 16:33

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