In the Source Control Explorer, against a project by the View History I can see all the check-in done by the users.

In case if I want to see a particular user's check-in only, how can I filter?

Configurations: I'm using Team Foundation Server 2012 and Visual Studio Professional 2015.


I found the way to see a specific user's check-in only.

  • In the Source Control Explorer click on the Find Changesets icon (1 in the screenshot)
  • In the popup, If you want to see the results for a specific project filer in the Containing file: -> Browse (1.a in the screenshot)
  • In the By user:, type and Search or select the specific user from the dropdown list (2 in the screenshot).
  • You can add the conditions in the Range: for the changeset range or the created date, if doesn't require any filter, leave it with the All changes
  • Now if you are click on the Find (3 in the screenshot) button you can see the particular user's check-in only.

user wise check-in

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