I'm using the newest version of Microsoft Word (2017) and want the comments in the review pane to remain. Every time I delete the text that comment relates to, the comment disappears entirely. How do I delete the text while keeping the comment displayed in the right-hand pane?

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    This behaviour is by design. Each comment is considered to be child of a range of text. If you delete the text then it child is deleted too. – Máté Juhász May 25 '17 at 8:32

It can be done with a workaround. Put whitespace into the commented text.

Say you have some commented text, it shows in Word with brackets:
Text with comment

Insert some whitespace, e.g. just a space within this text. Not at either the beginning or the end.
Text with a space

Now delete the text but leave the space between the brackets:
Blank space with a comment

You now have a comment applied to no text, only to a space.
You have not deleted the commented text, just edited it to a space.
This isn't ideal as the presence of a space at that point of your document may not be convenient. However, it does provide a workaround.


Use strike-out font for the deleted text. You'll need to remember to delete it properly later when accepting tracked changes. The comments will remain for the reviewers so they remember the reasons why the text was ultimately deleted.


I didn't check thoroughly, but I just found out that the comment remains in place if I delete the text word-by-word (ctrl-del or ctrl-backspace). The idea of a comment being a child to text makes sense, but if I keep the deleted text visible through "track changes", I want the comment to remain visible as well (so as to communicate to editors, indeed).

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    That's another story. If you use change tracking then text won't be actually deleted, therefore comments starry too; that's independent how exactly you've deleted the text. – Máté Juhász Aug 19 '18 at 18:31

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