How do I open/show/deminimize a minimized window on macOS Sierra 10.12.5?

There are many sites talking about CMD + tab and the press the option-key, before releasing. Yeah - that works to an extend. But first of all - I don't know that the window is minimized, when I CMD + tab to it. So whenever I come across a minimized application, then I first CMD + tab to it, - then realize it is minimized. And because I don't want to move my hands from asdf and jkl;, then I afterwards press CMD + tab, then CMD + shift + tab + option + release CMD. FFS Apple! While I'm already angry, I might as well ask. What is the advantage of making it this way!? Is that how people prefer it to be? Do they think: 'I'll just CMD + tab to this application... Not because I need to do anything with any of the open windows. No, no, no, no, no!! Almost no one uses the open windows of running applications!'

This post suggest making a shortcut to 'Zoom'. It worked previously - but one of the latest OS-updates made it stop working sigh. The answer does start like this: Assign a shortcut for the Zoom menu item (or whatever it's called in your locale) from System Preferences.

So my question is: Where do I find this locale and figure out what to write instead of Zoom?

And to all the sorry souls, who's also looking for an answer to this. This is the other things I've tried:

Attempt1) Try Witch

Witch actually has the command that I want. AND it's possible to assign it a shortcut-key:


... BUT. When I use that shortcut, then it opens it taking 2-seconds or so:

enter image description here

It must be a bug. I can't find any options to change that speed. Close, but no cigar. I've also tried to replace the CMD + tab with Witch' function (which initially is option + tab. But that doesn't deminimize the window either, when choosing the application.

Attempt2) Use Spectacle

The same answer suggest using Fullscreen or Center from Spectacle. That doesn't work either.

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Witch's support got back to me super-quickly. It seems to be an Apple-feature, that if I do something with the dock and hold in the SHIFT-key, - then it will happen in grandma-tempo.

So by switching the shortcut-key to something that didn't involve shift, then it's working. Ahhhhh! FINALLY!

Addition And it just came to my attention, that if you press CMD + h (hide) instead of CMD + m (minimize), then it shows the window when you CMD + tab to it.

Addition1 And when installing Witch, - be sure to log out and log in afterwards. After I did that (48 hours after installation), then it started working exactly as I wanted it to.

Addition2 After a while, I stopped using Witch, and started using BetterTouchTool instead. So I rarely minimize anything any longer. I have setup shortcuts, so when I press:

  • CTRL + CMD + 1, then Chrome opens.
  • CTRL + CMD + 2, then Firefox opens.
  • CTRL + CMD + 2, then Terminal opens.
  • ... Etc.

So I just went through the 10 programs I swap between the most, and setup those shortcuts. You do this under the 'Keyboard'-section, setting up a shortcut and then the assigned action is 'Launch Application' (and then you choose the path).

It's awesome!! I've used it for more than a year now. Never going back to CMD + Tab. I rarely use it any longer.


You can also use "Cycle Windows" instead of "Cycle apps", this way it will behave just like the tab switcher but also deminimize apps.

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