Trying to fix GPT Partition name corruption from cloning HDD to SDD using Todo EaseUS (what a mistake that was!). System works but generates XML script errors when doing disk image backup (2155348129). I can boot to the ssd, but if I select to boot from the HDD the SDD no longer shows in device manager, disk manager or diskpart even though it is detected in BIOS. If I could get it to show up, I could use diskpart to clean & repartition either while running windows from the HDD or with the HDD disconnected from a windows installation usb drive. Alternatively, if I could find the source for the XML script data element GptName I might be able to edit. Is it in the registry?

  • If you want to start over, simply zero out the first 63 sectors (the first "track") of the drive using the Linux dd command. – sawdust May 25 '17 at 23:00
  1. Download some kind of Linux live ISO (I prefer SystemRescueCD), burn it to a DVD(RW) and boot it.
  2. Identify the SSD with blkid. Sample output:

    sda      8:0    0 232,9G  0 disk 
    ├─sda1   8:1    0   512M  0 part
    └─sda2   8:2    0 232,4G  0 part
    sdb      8:16   0   2,7T  0 disk 
    ├─sdb1   8:17   0    16G  0 part
    └─sdb2   8:18   0   2,7T  0 part
    sr0     11:0    1 669,8M  0 rom 

    In this case, my SSD is sda (it has ~250G of space, seen in the third column).

  3. Open parted (substitute sda with your device identifier):

    # parted /dev/sda
    GNU Parted 3.2
    Using /dev/sda
    Welcome to GNU Parted! Type 'help' to view a list of commands.
  4. Type in mklabel gpt. This will create a new GPT partition table. (All your data on that drive will be lost!)

  5. Quit out of parted by typing in quit and then type reboot to reboot the system.
  6. Now you should be able to install Windows on that partition without any errors!

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