I've set up my Discord server to only send message notifications to a user if they are explicitly @mentioned by name in a conversation.

Server notification settings

I had originally had notifications on for All Messages by default, but this became an issue after we added a chat-controlled music bot to the server.

We got notifications for every single message

I don't want to spam chat notifications for channels like #bot-commands. But I do want to make sure notifications are turned on for important channels like #announcements or #general.

As a server owner, is there a way to turn notifications on or off by default for a specific channel?


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Unfortunately, default notification settings can only be applied on a per-server basis in the current version of Discord.

One workaround is to mention @here or @everyone any time someone has an important announcement.

Notifying @everyone in a server

@here notifies all non-idle members currently online

@everyone notifies all members regardless of status

It's also worth noting that, if a user doesn't like @everyone notifications, they can disable it themselves on a per-server basis in Notification Settings.


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