I am looking for examples of the "best looking" Firefox add-ons. By "best looking" I mean usable and stylish look and feel. I am not necessarily looking for "must have" add-ons but for examples of how rich an add-on can be.

One add-on per answer, please.


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Cooliris is a visually appealing image browsing addon with a unique mouse interface.



Locationbar² - it's not very stylish, but it is very usable.

Relevant screenshots:

a) cleaner URLs

alt text

b) each part acts as a separate link, my mouse is over 'questions'

alt text

c) available options

alt text

  • looks nice, i'll install it
    – LiorH
    Oct 10, 2009 at 9:03

Firefox 3.7 Theme

enter image description here

This is based on Mozilla's design mockups for Firefox 3.7.

Installing this theme isn't very simple. You'll need to first install the All-Glass Firefox extension for the Aero effects, the Personal Menu extension to hide the menubar and add the Tools button, the Stylish extension for a tweak that fixes the text, and then drag the mockup theme's *.jar file into the add-ons window to install it.

For detailed instructions: http://lifehacker.com/5322073/firefox-37-theme-makes-your-browser-look-awesome

For the Firefox 3.7 theme: http://boneyardbrew.deviantart.com/art/Firefox-3-7-Mockup-Redux-2-0-130502568

  • cool! i just saw the mockups for Firefox 4. Its going the Chrome way!!
    – Lazer
    Sep 26, 2009 at 10:55

After thinking a little, the best look and feel can only be achieved with extensions that let you tweak them (i.e., everyone has preferences.) So my pick goes for Stylish.

It lets you apply CSS to almost anything that can be represented in Firefox, even XUL!

An example of it, I've messed with my history menu to make it unique, here is how it looks after some work (CSS3 on the XUL omg omg):

alt text

Okay, it's not a full-blown application. but Stylish and userstyles.org are for CSS what Greasemonkey and userscripts.org are for JavaScript, so possibilities for a "rich look and feel" are almost unlimited.


I happen to like the Brief feed reader and it seems fairly slick to me.

screen capture of of Firefox extension Brief



enter image description here

FoxTab lets you cycle through your tabs in interesting ways.

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