I created a Pivot Chart in Excel and added a filter.
I would like to create copies of the chart with different filter selected in each one.
But it seems there is a link between them, and when I change the filter selection in one, they all update accordingly.

How do I create a copy if the chart without the linking between them.

  • If you, instead of copying the charts, add new ones, the link between them you are reporting does not exist. They are two independent pivot charts. I tested it on Excel 2013. – Thales May 26 '17 at 13:17

When you have several pivot tables or pivot Charts, the data source is the same. When creating the 1st Pivot table the raw datas are imported into a "data cache".

You have to unshare this data cache in order to prevent interactions between two or more pivot objects. It's well described in the MS Support. Be aware that your file size will be so bigger.

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