I copied some directories from a now-defunct Mac laptop. I am trying to open one of the files (a PDF), but Acrobat won't open it because the name is too long.

I am trying to rename the file to a shorter name, but I cannot. Explorer won't let me, again, because of the long name.

I tried renaming it in cmd.exe using the 8+3 name, but none of the files from Mac have 8+3 names. That means that there is no way to rename it using the short name.

What else I can do?


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An annoying run around is to use a live cd, such as parted magic. This will allow you to rename the file then copy as needed.

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What worked for me was a combination of zipping the directory with the file, then change the file name in the zip application. Then I used robocopy to remove the old file.

Thanks everyone for the help!

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