I bought a Samsung Evo 850 250G for a Lenovo T400.

I could only install Ubuntu 16.04 on it for the fourth try because the installer freezed and this random freezing kept up after the OS was installed.

I read that Samsung Evo 840 had issues on Linux in ~2014, but we are in 2017 and this is an Evo 850!

I think I will try to install a windows, update the firmware of the SSD, then install Ubuntu again.

Question: how can I update the firmware of the Evo 850?


You download Samsung Magician Software and then click Firmware upgrade and upgrade the firmware if necessary. The link for software and firmware at Samsung homepage:

Samsung SSD

  • later it turned out ubuntu 16 doesn't supports evo 850 by default, needed to use ubuntu 14 – Peter Jun 15 '17 at 5:37

Use the ISO updater:

If when scanning, it skips to proposing a reboot, it means that the SSD is already up to date.

note: I did the update from version EMT01B6Q to EMT02B6 and there was no data loss.

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