I know I can press N to skip to next unread message, but if the next unread message is in another folder, Thunderbird will show Yes/No confirmation dialog. That means I actually have to press N and Y, even if I did pay attention to unread count so I'm aware what I'm doing so the popup does not bring any value and just feels like a chore.

I looked into official shortcut list and have not found anything. Is there a (hidden) setting that would just remove the confirmation and let me always just skip to next unread no matter where?


You have to set mailnews.nav_crosses_folders to 0 to remove popup confirmation.


To access the config editor, go to Edit > Preferences, select the Advanced panel, select the General tab, and click Config Editor….

The first time you do this, you will get a warning telling you to be careful.

Type "mailnews.nav_crosses_folders" in the search field and set value to 0.

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