I am using the following command lines to mirror a remote server to my local directory:

$ lftp -d -c 'open -e "mirror -i ^ABC .  mirrordir/" http://ftp.abc.com/dir1/dir2'

$ lftp -d -c 'open -e "mirror -I ABC*/ . mirrordir/ "http://ftp.abc.com/dir1/dir2'

Both do not work.

Please note that I only want directories starting with ABC to be mirrored.

Moreover these commands also do not work

$ lftp ftp.abc.com:/inbound/ftp> ls  ABC*/


ls: Access failed: 404 Not Found (ABC*/)

and this

$ lftp ftp.abc.com:/inbound/ftp> ls  ABC*


ls: Access failed: 404 Not Found (ABC*)

after I execute them from the lftp prompt after connecting like this:

$ lftp -d -e open 'http://ftp.abc.com/dir1/dir2'

Where am I going wrong ?

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