Got a new Asus laptop with Windows 10 is always getting pounded by Disk usage = 100% when starting, booting, and then at various points of the day.

I reformatted my windows 10 machine to try to fix it. It was much faster for a few days then got slow again. I have scanned the machine, no viruses or malware that I know of.

I see all sorts of Disk pounders like:

  • Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry
  • Cortana
  • Superfetch
  • Search indexer
  • WMI
  • Other Service Hosts like Windows Event Log
  • Antimalware executable

There may be more to this list, and I only see Windows-system executables and services. Once again, no reason to believe I have malware. Fresh system here.

This being a vanilla system with only Starcraft 2 installed is totally killing me how it's so slow upon startup/standby. My mac and linux machines do not suffer this affliction.

Is anyone else dealing with this on the regular? How can I get my windows PC so that it comes back from standby without having disk usage shoot up to 100% for several minutes? I'm about to leave Windows forever. Could it somehow be my laptop hard drive in the Asus N550JX?

I have read each of the following and verified that I am not afflicted by any of the things listed in these other posts:

Windows 8 extremely high disk usage and slow IO

  • This post talks about windows 8 and is about a system that was used for a while getting worse over time. Mine is a vanilla system.

100% disk usage on windows 10

  • I do not have ACHI devices

Windows 10 100% Disk Usage after Startup

  • I already have an SSD that came with this laptop.