I'm facing a weird issue with my network drive mapping after rebooting my machine.

This is Windows 10 Enterprise, fully updated.

Whenever I start up my laptop, it can no longer connect to the network drive; even though I've set it up as a persistent network drive mapping.

I open Visual Studio, and try to open the recent solution that points to P:\Folder1\Folder2\MySolution.sln. Visual Studio tells me that it cannot connect to the location.
When I log in, I also get a notification that Windows cannot connect to all network drives. I only have one set up, so I'm sure it's talking about the P drive.

However, I have a shortcut to Folder2 in my Quick Access in File Explorer. When I click that link, it can access the path (which is set to the P-drive, not the full network location. I've double checked that).

After having opened Folder2 in File Explorer, Visual Studio can now open the solution from the same link.

This isn't just happening for Visual Studio. I've seen it happen for Notepad++, Office (Excel and Word), and applications I've written myself.

Why is the network drive unmapped until I try to open it via Quick Access?

Note that when I use the full network path (without the drive mapping), it always works, so the problem seems to be related to the network drive mapping itself.
I'm also connecting to the drive using my own credentials.


I had this issue with a network drive. I added a batch file to startup to nudge the network drive into connecting. The code is below.

net use z: \\xxx.xxx.x.xxx\

I added the timeout to allow windows and the network services to start. You can change that based on how quick/slow your PC is. I mapped it to z, but change that to whatever you have

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  • Just to make sure, that would make it net use p: \\myserver\mysharedfolder ? – Flater Jun 2 '17 at 9:49
  • Yes, that's correct – DavePenn Jun 2 '17 at 10:08

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