I can make a search filter based on unread AND flagged messages. But what I need is unread OR Flagged messages. To make a sort of "pay attention to these items" search folder.

When I try to use the advanced search tool, unread is no longer an option that I can find. Maybe I am blind.

Thank you.

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You can create a custom folder view and specify a filter criteria manually on the SQL tab like this:

("urn:schemas:httpmail:read" = 0 OR NOT("urn:schemas:httpmail:messageflag" IS NULL))

Unfortunately, Outlook UI doesn't allow you to specify this kind of criteria for a search folder =( It can only be done programmatically using MAPI.

  • Thank you. It seems a shame that you can't filter on unread in the other filters.
    – DrFloyd5
    Commented Jun 2, 2017 at 13:47

Not ideal, but I Edit'ed one of the Smart Folders in Outlook '16 (Mac OS X) to filter on these two clauses:

  1. Folder is Inbox
  2. 'Raw Query': com_microsoft_outlook_unread == 1 || com_microsoft_outlook_flagged == 1

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