How to multiply two columns and add the products (SUM()) even if the number or rows increases?

For example, given a spreadsheet like this:

  | A   B
1 | 2   132.27
2 | 2   122.33
3 | 2   150.15
4 | 3   149.35

I need to know the total of multiplying column A with column B for each row and adding the result of every row.

Currently I am using a formula like this:


The problem is that I need to keep updating the formula as I increase the number of rows.

Is there a better way to automate this in Excel?


This is exactly what SUMPRODUCT() is for:


SUMPRODUCT is an array type formula. Which means we do not want to use full column references, as it will do a lot of unnecessary calculations of empty cells.

So to make the Ranges increase(decrease) as the data set changes we can incorporate INDEX/MATCH to find the last cell in the columns with numbers:


This will now grow or shrink based on the data in columns A and B. It will set the ranges from A2 to the last cell in Column A with a number.

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  • Nice, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thx – kiewic Jun 2 '17 at 16:21

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