Recently I setted up RRAS on my Windows Server 2012 R2.

My server has an interface to the Internet (Ethernet), and second interface - not connected to anything (Ethernet 2).

From client, I can connect to the VPN Server, but I cannot view webpages and use Internet at all. I user L2TP\IPSec with preshared key.

Server Firewall:

TCP (In, Out): 443, 1701, 1723.

UDP (In, Out): 500, 1701.

Here are the steps I did: Selecting VPN and NAT because I need my clients to go to the Internet

Here I select the first one - Ethernet and then click on Next. enter image description here

Here I'm setting my IP pool for private network. When I leave it dynamic, I get error 720 while connecting from client. enter image description here

After that I was asked to use RADIUS, but I pointed a tick on No.

Then I got this: enter image description here

Now, under IPv4 I got strange IP: Why 128? Also, do I need Broadcast name resolution? enter image description here

So, at this point I can connect my client. But I don't have Internet.enter image description here

So I went back to the server. In Internet I found some articles about DHCP, but I don't really know what I have to set up here: enter image description here enter image description here

Here are my NAT properties. As you can see, Ethernet receive something. enter image description here

Setting this tick doesn't help in both cases: and enter image description here

Ethernet, obviously, is public and NAT-enabled. Internal is private. Do I really need Internal here? enter image description here

Also I tried to set up Address Pool, where public was my public IP and private is Didn't help. enter image description here


Well, after some research I made it work.

I started once again and selected Custom config, then selected VPN and NAT. Added static IP pool, Ethernet adapter as DNS, WINS and DHCP. In IPv4 I added NAT protocol and added Ethernet there. And I was able to connect to the internet from the client. BUT!

Just after I load webpage on the client, my Windows Server stopped to response, RDP is lost and VPN disconnected. Even VNC didn't work. I needed to restart my server, so it can work once again.

I can ping some sites, even load Google. But after Google is loaded, Windows Server stopped to respond...

Also I have this error in Event Log: VPN IP Addressing monitor has gone from HEALTHY state to UNHEALTHY state on 6/3/2017 at 2:19 PM on WIN-344VU98D3R. The failure heuristic IDs for state change of VPN IP Addressing are 40030001.

What the hell is that?


You probably forgot to install the NAT (Routing) when installing the VPN role at the beginning of the instruction...

enter image description here

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