Is there a way to edit or view the code of internal TC commands?

There is a bunch of internal commands I can assign to my hotkeys (cm_CopySrcPathToClip, cm_CopyToClipboard, cm_LoadSelectionFromFile etc.).

But what if I need to change the way a command works? Is the code for the commands stored somwhere?


Yes, it is, but the main reason they're called "internal" is that handling of those internal commands is literally part of totalcmd.exe itself. So in order to change their behavior you would need to obtain Total Commander's source code, edit and recompile it.

Unfortunately, Total Commander is not open-source, so your only options are:

  • see if its plugin system allows adding custom commands, and if so write a plugin;
  • see if the same task can be done by running an external tool;
  • contact the author with a feature request (or bug report);
  • use reverse-engineering tools to patch the compiled .exe directly (a bit difficult and probably not very legal, considering WCMD's shareware status).
  • Thank you very much for you answer! I don't really have a solid goal yet and I just wanted to play around with the TC scripting, understand what language is in use and how to create custom commands, etc. – Artyom Emelyanenko Jun 5 '17 at 6:46
  • The answer to which is that TC does not have "scripting"; i.e. just because it offers a list of predefined tasks doesn't mean there's any sort of extensible language hiding behind them. – grawity Jun 5 '17 at 6:57

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