• OS: Windows 7 RC x64
  • Machine: Sony Vaio VGN-NS20S/S
  • Missing Driver: Sony Firmware Extension Parser (SFEP) - sometimes known as SNY5001

I have tried various drivers for other versions of Windows and for similar laptops and searched online but they don't work. Has anyone else managed to find one that actually works? I'm not looking for advice on how to use Google :)


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I've checked the Action Center again and this time the solution details contain instructions for users in Europe, not just the US and Brazil. I downloaded the suggested file from Sony Europe and updated the driver for my Unknown Device. It installed without errors and I now see Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device but it doesn't seem to have fixed the brightness shortcut keys. Interestingly the filename is the same as the one I tried before (SFEP Driver (Sony) 8.0_09Q1_O - only this time it definitely does include x64 drivers. Either I was going mad before and didn't notice them, or they've updated the package to include x64 drivers.

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    I realize this is 2 years too late, but if the question is still relevant, this might be helpful.
    – user541686
    Mar 4, 2012 at 20:38

Have you tried to connect internet and do a Windows System Update? Windows 7 Should automatically find the driver for you

Ok I found this might help you as well What can I do if my hardware doesn't work in Windows 7 on technet forum

  • I have tried that, it doesn't find anything. Windows does provide a link to a Sony website allegedly having suitable drivers but it doesn't have my model or country listed. I think the VGN-NS20S/S is UK/Europe specific and the site is US and Brazil only. Aug 20, 2009 at 8:35

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