Hello, I would like to utilize a "Find and Replace" function in the sublime Text 3 with multiple criteria but didn't have a good luck to find one yet. I googled it and people said that Using Regex will be a solution on it and I have no idea how to utilize this type of regex thing. Here is what I would like to do on my giant xml documents.

Find: and Where: target folder

Is there any way that I can use "|" in my search box? In advance, thanks for the help!


Your question is not terribly clear, i think you need to put code markers around the things you said after "Find:" in your post. because if code is found in questions not surrounded by code markers it will not show.

however, i think i get the juiste, the regex you are looking for is something like this i think:


where itemone and two are your search terms like so:

enter image description here

I've never done the case however of replacing based on what regex finds. I think this will just replace either with whatever you specify. Perhaps somone else has tried it.

command is as follows:

  • () contains
  • | OR operator

dont be fooled by my picture, that regex matches entire lines.

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