I have a PC with 1 VGA connector and 1 DVI connector. My GPU is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600. I have two monitors with VGA, DP, HDMI connectors.
I would like to use both monitors at the same time.

I use a VGA cable for one monitor, and it Works (doesn't matter which monitor). I use a DVI/DP cable for the other monitor, but there is no signal.
I set the monitor manually to DP, but it's the same, No signal message, and it shows DP, VGA, HDMI as INACTIVE.

The monitor Works fine, because using the VGA cable the VGA becomes ACTIVE, and there is signal.

Why is the signal lost when I'm using a DVI/DP cable, how can I fix it?
Thank you.

  • What kind of DVI output does your graphicscard have? There are analog and digital versions of DVI and an analog version will simply not work with DisplayPort, because DisplayPort is digital only. VGA is also analog only and for that reason a VGA to DVI-D will not work either. Your pc will most likely have DVI-I, which is an analog DVI port. – LPChip Jun 8 '17 at 20:08
  • The GPU has DVI-D, so it should work, but it doesn't. – Supercat Jun 8 '17 at 20:26

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