All of a sudden, in any doc (chapter) of the two manuals I'm working with, Heading 1 is repeating all prior chapter numbers before the actual chapter number. For example, if I open Chapter 4 I get:





I have closed the program, restarted and shut down my computer to no avail.

This is level 1 in the multi-level list from my custom style set template for every chapter. I can delete the extra chapter headings, which results in "CHAPTER 1" again, but when I right-click to set the numbering to "4" it simply reinserts all the prior chapter headings again. Each chapter is a separate document. I've even deleted my custom style set template from Microsoft\Quickstyles and then opened a chapter and still get the error.

I also have an issue with List Bullets and List not applying formatting to a new document when I apply the style set/template they are in from the Design menu. I have to manually go into import/export and copy those two styles over. Even then it sometimes doesn't work and I have to modify the styles and save them to the style set in every document on that template.

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