Whenever I want to start Android studio canary, it starts preparing Android drawable importer, and never quits..

I know that it is beta, so unstable, but it just won't go past the preparing fase..

How can I resolve this issue?

I also noticed that windows will lagg heavily when Android studio is preparing Android drawable importer.


i fixed it by deleting


plugin folder

C:\Users\<user name>\.AndroidStudio3.4\config\plugins


I've solved it by doing this: Right click on studio64.exe file -> compatibility tab.

  1. Enable compatibility mode for your windows.
  2. Execute as administrator.
  • Worker for me, after installation i turned off run as admin and compatibility mode. Still works. – Antoniossss Sep 20 '17 at 8:42

You can solve this by doing the following:

Disable / Uninstall plugins
Open your previous Android Studio and disable or (preferrably) uninstall third party plugins.

Run in compatibility mode
Right Click on studio64.exe > click properties > compatibility > run compatibility troubleshooter


This plugin contains almost 60MB zipped assets, Android Studio is processing them at first start.

Just delete assets folder from %ANDROID_STUDIO_CONFIG_DIR%\config\plugins\android-drawable-importer-intellij-plugin path.


Just deleting the plugin from the folder worked for me. C:\Users<user name>.AndroidStudio<>\config\plugins

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