I know I have already asked this for chrome, but unfortunately there was no solution for it in chrome. Maybe someone could provide a solution for Firefox. So I am asking again: Say I have these URLs:
1-> www.google.com
2-> www.bing.com
3-> www.something.com

I want to open them in tabs relative to their numbers:
tab 1-> www.google.com
tab 2-> www.bing.com
tab 3-> www.something.com

and after that I will need to load these 3 other URLs:
1-> www.learn.com
2-> www.somethingelse.com
3-> www.thirdwebsite.com
I don't want to open new tabs, but I want to load them in the opened tabs as follows:
tab 1-> www.learn.com
tab 2-> www.somethingelse.com
tab 3-> www.thirdwebsite.com

also I want the developer tools to be opened and stay open for these three tabs always.

any solutions?
It would be great if I could do all of the above without bringing Firefox to front. I'd like it to stay at the background.

  • you can open URL in Firefox just by typing the URL after firefox, like Firefox.exe fb.com youtu.be in command prompt. See the command line list:: kb.mozillazine.org/Command_line_arguments – Biswapriyo Jun 10 '17 at 18:30
  • ok, the main problem is not that, please reread it – acman123 Jun 10 '17 at 18:31
  • To do that, you're probably going to have to write a Selenium project or a Firefox addon. – BoffinbraiN Aug 24 '17 at 15:41

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