convert is not working on the Linux server I am using

$ convert exploss_stumps.jpg exploss_stumps.eps  
convert: missing an image filename `exploss_stumps.eps' @ convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2838  

Any idea why?


Verify that what you are trying to accomplish is valid. You're trying to convert a raster image into a vector which is a non-trivial exercise and certainly beyond the scope of imagemagick:


In other words, any output from IM will never be a true vector format. While it can convert its internal raster format into a vector format file, the result is only a superficial vector image wrapper around an image in raster format.

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I think you are going to need to specify more details.

  • ImageMagick version
  • is it a distribution package or compiled from source?
  • Platform? (e.g. i386 on Core 2 Duo)
  • Distribution? (e.g. Ubuntu i386 9.10 Karmic Koala)

Have you confirmed that the original image is valid? (Use ImageMagick's identify command)

Is Ghostscript (gs), and related fonts installed?

Use -debug to get more details.

convert -debug exploss_stumps.jpg exploss_stumps.eps
convert exploss_stumps.jpg exploss_stumps.png
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