Need help configuring the route to internal LAN.

I need to access my internal network when connected to my OpenVPN Router. I can access Internal LAN1, which is directly connected to OpenVPN Router but I can't access the LAN2, which is connected to Router2. How can accomplish this.

Here is the config:

Internet ==>[x.x.x.x]OpenVPN Router[]===>[]LAN Router2===>

I can VPN into 192.168.1.x network fine but I can't connect to 192.168.0.x network. Router2 is TPLInk.

Can someone define the routing that I need to add to internal Router2 and the external )openVPN Router"?

Thanks in advance.


In a network of this size, routes correspond almost directly to descriptions in English. For example:

  1. OpenVPN_router needs to reach 192.168.0.x, which is in CIDR notation
  2. OpenVPN_router can reach by going through LAN_router2
  3. From OpenVPN_router's perspective, LAN_router2 is
  4. Therefore, the route that OpenVPN_router needs is via

    • various GUIs: destination =, gateway =
    • Linux CLI: ip route add via
    • FreeBSD CLI: route add
    • (How to configure it permanently varies greatly across distros.)

In the opposite direction:

  1. LAN_router2 needs to reach your VPN subnet, which you forgot to mention in the question...
  2. LAN_router2 can reach that subnet by going through OpenVPN_router
  3. And so on.

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