I have a bluetooth speaker that works perfectly on my Arch Linux, but whenever I connect it's in HSV and I must manually set the protocol to A2DP.

How can I make it always use AD2P by default on connect?
Preferable if it works for any bluetooth audio device.

  • I did find one a while back which I think used pacmd set-default-sink, which worked temporarily occasionally in the case of some disconnects (may have just memorised the correct command with bluez_sink.MAC.a2dp_sink as the option instead of this script). This requests something similar, so of course has no answers. Alternativly as HSV seems to be the default on Fedora too, could submit a bug report to the devellopers (which ones?) to request this is the default one or is is settable
    – Wilf
    Mar 22, 2018 at 12:09


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