I've just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. The operating system is installed on an 80GB Intel X-25M. I have a secondary 500GB Barracuda 7200.12 to be used for storage. This second drive is mounted as 'G'.

disk management console


I'm getting an error whenever I try to rename a folder within this drive. The error says:

An unexpected error is keeping you from renaming the folder. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.

Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error

error message screenshot

Clicking the "Try Again" button gets past the error, and correctly renames the folder.

If I create a folder and leave it's name as "New Folder", then I don't see an error. I'm also able to manipulate files however I want without seeing an error.

Things I've Tried

  • Changing permissions on the drive
  • Reformatting the drive. I've tried using both a "Basic", "GPT" and "Dynamic" partition table.
  • Checking the drive for errors using Microsoft tools
  • AFAIK Windows should be able to handle a GUID Partition Table (GPT) as well as a traditional MBR partition table.
    – squircle
    Mar 22 '10 at 15:51
  • I've now tried all three types of partition tables, but my problems continue. I'll keep looking for other options. Mar 22 '10 at 17:25

The problem is gone, but I don't know what I did to fix it. I was experimenting with 'Basic', 'Dynamic', and 'GPT' partition tables and noticed that the error wasn't occurring any more.

At first I thought I had stumbled upon a good combination of settings. I then recreated my original MBR partition table with a Basic partition on it as a final test. There's still no problem.

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