So the basic problem I want to discuss, is there a way to indicate that new messages were got into the mail box?

What I mean, currently I have about ~8 separate folders managed by sieve, I do not read some of them for a long time, so I have dozen number of unread messages. Of course I can not remember exact number to make sure that changes have been made to the folder, as a result, I still have some unread messages, but do not understand if new ones had been added or not. (For example thunderbird has asterisks for that).


From the mutt documentation, you can control if unread messages are marked as old (with an O instead of an N marker) when you exit the program:

3.122. mark_old

Type: boolean Default: yes

Controls whether or not mutt marks new unread messages as old if you exit a mailbox without reading them. With this option set, the next time you start mutt, the messages will show up with an “O” next to them in the index menu, indicating that they are old.

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