I studied all similar questions I could find, but I'm not sure if they apply to my specific setting:

  • Tablet: xoro pad 8w4 pro
  • USB-hub: Ednet 85139 USB 2.0 Hub (10-Port, Data transfer rate: 480 Mbps; 5 V/3.5 A ADAPTER
  • Goobay PowerBank 20.0 LiPo 20000 mAh

Question 1: Am I going to cause any problem if I use the PowerBank as a power supply for the USB Hub (I guess no, that's what it is supposed to do)?

Question 2: Will the tablet be charged when the PowerBank is attached to the USB hub? If not, how can I extend the work duration of my tablet using the PowerBank while I am working with it using external devices attached to the hub?

Sorry if my question appears to be silly, I'm not really a skilled technician but it happens that I have to solve this problem.

  • The general answer is YES, with the right adapters. Usually USB hub come with 120v power bricks that transform the voltage down to 5v or 12v. You need to get an adapter, from the power bank to the typically round, barrel plug found on the hub. Then a USB port on the powerbank as well as USB 2.0 only allow 500ma max per port. Most tablets won't have enough power to charge with only 500ma. Your powerbank has a 2400ma port to easily charge your tablet. – cybernard Jun 16 '17 at 14:40

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