So I'm a bit worried because my previous MoBo (a Gigabyte) died and I just bought a new MoBo. This new MoBo is an Asus. Last monday (now we are friday) I've let my computer opened to be able to use it with TeamViewer. However, I didn't access the computer with TeamViewer and I didn't access it directly.

So when I came back friday, the screen was on a Power Supply Surge screen saying Asus is trying to protect my computer from PSU damage.

Also, a Storm occurred during the week and my house lost the electricity.

So I have the theory where its my PSU that killed my previous MoBo and I have the theory that the storm that occurred this week while my computer was here doing nothing caused the PSU purge. However, it is important to mention that my previous MoBo isn't really dead, it was just really unstable having random crashes and random behavior (like letting my fans runs for no reason when the temp was low). My GPU has always been fine and never seemed to be damaged by my PSU.

Now I'm writing this question just after the incident on this same computer, not sure If I should let it open.

So, was my PSU surge caused by lightning ? It is connected to a white bar and the white bar was powered on when I came back home. I have to mention that I'm a regular user and I do not own extra material to test with. Should I wait for another warning or one is enough ?


  • Intel Core i5 I5-4590

  • Cooler Master Hyper 212

  • Asus B85M-G Motherboard


  • Corsair CS450M CS Modular 80 Plus GOLD-RATE 450W 12V Power Supply

  • Kingston HYPER 2x4GB RAM

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  • You have a lot of theories with no substance... The most likely case here is the power "browned out" or dipped and your motherboard went into a special mode to protect it. The other likely possibility is the power surged a bit, and the Asus handled it but the Gigabyte MB did not. Was your PSU surge caused by thunder? No, thunder is just sound... Was your PSU surge caused by lightening or static electricity from the storm, quite likely. Most likely your equipment is fine, but a "white stick" is usually just a power stip and has no additional protection for your device, (continued) – acejavelin Jun 16 '17 at 22:43
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    You should get a good surge protector and verify your outlets are properly grounded. – acejavelin Jun 16 '17 at 22:44
  • @acejavelin How to know if my "power stip" is a surge protector ? It has many slots but one slot has a black border and that's the one I plug my computer on. It even have a blue led and there's the text "protected". – Winter Jun 16 '17 at 22:47
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    I didn't really give you an answer... I could have flagged your question as off-topic or too opinion based, but I thought you needed some direction. If you find a verifiable solution, you can answer it yourself later. Good luck! – acejavelin Jun 16 '17 at 23:47
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    You could also consider a UPS which not only has surge built-in, but will run off battery if the line volts becomes to high or low to continue safely. Most times the UPS will only have a few minutes of power, but that might be just enough. – cybernard Jun 17 '17 at 0:18

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