I have Mac Sierra, I would like to know how to delete files permanently. What should I do? I have gone through different columns or suggestions; like using the command - sudo RM -R; but I'm not sure if that works with Mac Sierra.

  • Why do you say you've seen suggestions like rm -r but aren't sure if that works. Have you tried it? – slhck Jun 17 '17 at 9:15
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    How permanent is permanent? Throw it in the trash, empty the trash. If it's an SSD that's as good as gone forever, irretrievably. – Tetsujin Jun 17 '17 at 10:00
rm -rf some_dir

-r "recursive"

-f "force" (suppress confirmation messages)

Alternatively, Navigate to directory (which needs to be deleted) and run this command:

rm -rf *

Would remove everything (folders & files) in the current directory.

But be careful! Only execute this command if you are absolutely sure, that you are in the right directory.

If you want to Skip trash then there are two possible ways: (I am aware of)

  • Select File/Folder in Finder
  • Click on File Menu while pressing Option button
  • Select Delete Immediately
  • Confirmation Box will open, click OK to delete and complete request

SHORT WAY Option + Command + Delete and Click OK to confirm

Lastly, it can be achieved by writing an Automator Script.

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