When I run an lftp command like this:

mirror --use-pget-n=10 "My Directory"

sometimes I find myself in a situation, that the computer was unexpectedly shutdown, say, during a blackout.

After that, if I examine my local folder "My Directory" I see:

  • Some of the file from "My Directory" that finished downloading
  • Absence of some files that did not start to download
  • A single in progress file, eg. "ThisIsAFileThatHappenedToBeInPogressWhenTheBlackoutHappened.bin"
  • A single file with segments map of that file above "ThisIsAFileThatHappenedToBeInPogressWhenTheBlackoutHappened.bin.lftp-pget-status"

It feels to me that there should be command that will allow me to continue the segmented download, yet, I cannot figure it out. Here is what I tried:

mirror --continue "My Directory"

This does not do the segmented download at all, all remaining files are downloaded in a single stream

mirror --continue --use-pget-n=10 "My Directory"

It also appears to re-start the download of all remaining files in several streams but not of the incomplete file.

What am I doing wrong?

Note: linux server, windows client, transfer by sftp

Update: After looking at the source code it appears to me that this is impossible. I'm leaving this question up in a hope that someone can suggest a workaround.

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