I have a daemon that needs access to (read/write) some files that a gui app also has access to (read/write). The daemon runs as root but the gui does not. Each time the daemon accesses the files, the owner becomes root:root. What is the preferred way to handle this?

This is in Ubuntu 16.04, doesn't need to be compatible with anything else.

is there also a best/preferred location to put these files?


Many solutions:

  • If the daemon doesn't need to be root, make it run as the user.
  • Change the UFLAGs of the daemon so that the file is created rw-rw-rw-.
  • Since the daemon is root, it can explicitly change the ownership of the file after it creates it.
  • Make the daemon run in a specific-group common with the user where both have R/W access to the group files.
  • Reconsider your design to avoid the situation.

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