I have two Excel documents which I want to view in separate side-by-side windows.

The accepted answers for How can I make Excel documents open in different windows? and Open Worksheets In New Window In Excel 2010 Without Administrative Access both suggest using the Registry Editor. However, I'm using Excel on a work-provided PC, which means editing the registry isn't really an option.

Is there a way to view multiple documents at once in Microsoft Excel 2010 without using the Registry Editor?

Two Excel windows side-by-side

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    You can open multiple book and use View Arrange All in Excel
    – yass
    Jun 23 '17 at 20:16

You can open your Books in the same Excel instance, just use Open in Excel Menu or Recent Books to open several Books.
To view it side by side use:

  • View Tab (In Excel Ribbon)
  • Arrange All (Window Group)
  • Choose the convenient option

And you will see the multiple Books side by side

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