I used to be able to use my username (not email) on bitbucket to access:


Now I can no longer use my username, but must login via my email and password. And pull no longer works for me. How do I update my "username" locally to be my email?


Though your login creds may have changed on BitBucket (they had migrated to a common system for Atlassian a while ago), your git commandline use can continue to use your userid.

The password however, must be your Atlassian account password. At least, that's how I'm using it. I know... "it works for me" is cliched, but it could help - especially if you were trying (and failing) to use the old BitBucket password.

To be sure, copy-paste the https url from your bitbucket repo online. Of course, you could use the other one - the ssh / git: URL.

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