I have Windows 8.1 and noticed that almost always (as in "as long I remember having Windows 8.1") the weather tile/app is showing strange values for temperature. It is set to show weather for my town.

For example this happened just now:

  • I open the start screen and the tile show 26℃
  • after a second it changes to 24℃
  • after another second I open the app by clicking the tile and it takes about a second to load and then it shows 23℃
  • I close it and get back to the start screen where the tile still shows 24℃ (even several minutes later)

After posting the question I also noticed this:

  • app shows one value
  • I click on the value (it changes from Celsius to Fahrenheit)
  • I click again (goes back to Celsius)
  • it shows a different temperature than on start

Is the app using different code (logic) or data than the tile?

This basically makes it useless, because I never know if the value I see is real or totally off.

By the way: I saw many other weather apps/widgets/gadgets/weblets (on different platforms) behave similarly. As if programming "load data from server, then display it" is some hard programming problem.

  • "Is the app using different code or data than the tile?" - Yes, it absolutely is using different code to display the temperature on the tile then in the application. It would be using the same source for the data though. – Ramhound Jun 25 '17 at 0:46
  • When it comes to accurate weather info, try to take as much control to your hands as possible - external weather info gathering program that connects to your local weather station (if you can trust it...). – African Networks Jun 25 '17 at 0:54

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