Pre-Context: I'm good with software but newbie in hardware. I had issues replacing memory for notebook, I found out that there are several models and types of ram memory, and stuffes like voltage, cycles, and others things matter and I didnt know.

Context: My hard drive is hdd and I want to change to SSD, but I don't know if the SSD I buy will work in another notebook whatever notebook is. If I buy the SSD(which is kind expensive) and my notebook dies suddenly, I want to know if this SSD can be used in (any)other notebook or its like ram memory: full of specifics details.

So can I use any SSD in any laptop? Thanks

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    Can you use any SSD in any laptop, no of course no, but you can install a any compatible SSD in that laptop
    – Ramhound
    Jun 26 '17 at 0:08
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    It sounds like you just want to purchase yourself a 2.5" SATA III SSD. Just keep it mind we don't do hardware recommendations here at Superuser.
    – Ramhound
    Jun 26 '17 at 0:13
  • What version of SATA do you have? Maybe the laptop is too old for supporting SATA 3 speeds, so you might lose at least 1/3 speed in that case. Also saw once an old HP laptop with 2.5" HDD, with unconventional connectors, so make sure, if having older laptop, that connectors are standard.
    – user737156
    Jun 26 '17 at 1:07
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    Who cares about 1/3 speeds when 1/3 speeds are still faster then the mechanical hdd the author has currently.
    – Ramhound
    Jun 26 '17 at 1:09
  • It'll still work, assuming you have AHCI capability. I have most of my c2d laptops upgraded with cheap and cheerful SSDs and they work a lot better.
    – Journeyman Geek
    Jun 26 '17 at 1:10


At this point of time there's roughly 3-4 common SSD form factors. In most cases on any laptop that has a conventional hard drive), a 2.5 inch sata hard drive should work. The 7mm Z height is essentially the standard here and should work. This is a safe bet unless your next PC is a really cheap emmc based one (which has soldered on memory) or you have a ultrabook (which probably has no sata bay). If it has a hard drive, a sata drive will work.

However there's 2 newer form factors which some systems may use. msata is obsoleteish these days and is a smaller, lighter alternative. Its been replaced mostly by m.2 (which has sata and pcie flavours - and not all ports support both). Quite a lot of laptops also have these alongside a traditional bay too, and they're more future proof.

  • Thanks a lot man, my notebook has 1 year only, it's a intel i3. but well, you said: or you have a ultrabook (which probably has no sata bay). That means ultrabook or comes with ssd or you can't change it? (Yeah, I'm dummie) Jun 26 '17 at 1:21
  • ultrabooks are so slim they either solder in storage, or use a smaller slimmer M2 or msata drive.
    – Journeyman Geek
    Jun 26 '17 at 1:47

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