My notebook recently updated some windows 10 files after which I lost my admin rights. I am using a bizspark windows 10 product key issued by my company.

Now I am asked to enter an admin user and password each time I install any new software or anything that requires admin rights.

I have logged in to windows 10 using my Microsoft account which was working good with admin rights but unfortunately I lost my admin rights and now with Microsoft account I am unable to perform any admin operations which is really frustrating.

I have made a USB bootable with windows 10 in it and at the time of boot I tried to activate admin account with the command:

net users Administrator /active:yes

I also tried to assign admin rights to the DefaultAccount:

net localgroup Administrator DefaultAccount /add

After I restart my laptop I find the only microsoft account.

How do I make an active admin account?

I tried to enable admin account with normal cmd but access was denied also now a big problem is that my cmd is not working says "This file doesn't have a program associated"

  • Run cmd as administrator.. try those commands – Techie Gossip Jun 26 '17 at 7:31
  • @TechieGossip it asks me for an admin username and password since my microsoft account doesn't have admin rights. – Melvin Jun 26 '17 at 9:30
  • Login as local administrator – Techie Gossip Jun 26 '17 at 9:31
  • @TechieGossip Well i don't have one i just used my microsoft id at the time of installing windows 10 – Melvin Jun 26 '17 at 9:32
  • Can you go cmd type lusrmgr.msc.. if you Get users there.. enable administrator and enter password try – Techie Gossip Jun 26 '17 at 9:42

Restart Your System and boot using Windows 10 Installation Media (DVD/USB)

Select the language - Next Go To Repair Your Computer

  1. Troubleshoot → Advanced options → Command Prompt
  2. Choose Command Prompt from the menu. Run Diskpart
  3. List Volume You can see which Drive is your OS installed Drive. Note Down drive letter Example In my case C drive
  4. Exit from Diskpart. Type c:\
  5. cd windows Enter, cd System32 Hit enter Again.
  6. copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe Hit Enter. Backuping the utilman tool
  7. copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe Hit Enter. Backuping Command Prompt.
  8. Del utilman.exe Delete the Original utilman tool exe.
  9. Type rename cmd.exe utilman.exe. this will replace the uTilmanager to command Prompt. Refer the commands with below screen shot. Restart Your system.

enter image description here

One You Restart your PC. Boot as normal. When You get the Login Screen You Can see Ease to access. Where we have replaced with Command Prompt.

enter image description here

Once you Click on that the Command Prompt will work for You.

Type control userpasswords2

You Get Prompt of User Accounts

enter image description here

You can Change your Standard User to administrator user. Reset the passwords of any users

  • Select the user (which done have admin rights) → Properties → Group Membership Tab → Change to Administrator
  • Commands also will work. Type net localgroup administrators {user_name} /add

  • Reset Administrator Password and Login through Local Administrator. Give the Permission to Microsoft Account user which you are using.

  • Add New user with Administrator rights and Transfer all user profile data to new user. After that link your Microsoft account to local user.
  • Using Gui just Click on Add and Via command Prompt Type net user melvin /add Give admin Rights Type net localgroup administrators melvin /add

Try to Login all will be set.

Last Option is you have to revert the things you Changed in System 32.

Again restart Your System using Windows 10 Installation Media.

Select the language - Next Go To Repair Your Computer

  1. Troubleshoot → Advanced options → Command Prompt.
  2. Type c:\ Hit Enter, cd windows Enter, cd System32 Hit enter Again.
  3. Type Del utilman.exe
  4. Type rename utilman1.exe utilman.exe

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