So, my problem is simply that I can't get screen started on my user account. When I invoke it as superuser it works, under any circumstance, like a charm, but until now (that is, in the about last THREE and more hours of troubleshooting) there wasn't a single instance in which it would spawn a new session.

To give some context, this morning I installed Debian 9.0 (stretch) on a 64-bit processor. In the previous installation (Debian ~8.0) screen worked without flaws.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of my attempts at solving this issue:

  1. I unmounted the partition mounted at my home directory, and logged in with my user account in a new environment where there wasn't trace of my old custom config files;
  2. I tinkered with the $TERM-like variables, and also tried using tset;
  3. I tried installing an older version of screen (4.2.1-3+deb8u1);
  4. I made an attempt at running apt-get purge screen and then installing again the distribution-provided package.

None of these attempts (and even others) had an impact on how screen behaves. All of the times I did screen; echo $? ($? being a status-code variable, IIRC) I got 0 printed on my console.

I am resorting to this Q&A as a last and desperate solution :'-).

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    Hint: perhaps the problem lies in the system configuration of my user. I also did some research on this but nothing that I examined seemed suspicious. And if it interests you, $TERM is always equal to xterm-256color. – Acsor Jun 26 '17 at 22:05
  • Please provide at least the error message you're getting or state that you don't even get an error message. Otherwise you likely won't get any helpful answers. – Axel Beckert Jul 23 '17 at 18:33
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    @AxelBeckert I don't get any, as implicitly stated before. This is what I see when typing screen on console, with my normal account: none@vacuum:~$ screen\n none@vacuum:~$ echo $?\n 0\n . (Edit: comments don't allow newlines; added "\n"s to give an idea.) – Acsor Jul 23 '17 at 18:41
  • Thanks. Stating things implicitly is probably not the best idea here. At least I don't see where that would have been. I think the best is to continue the debugging on the screen-devel mailinglist. – Axel Beckert Jul 23 '17 at 19:03

As Amadeusz Sławiński pointed out on the screen-devel mailing list and I confirmed in the according Debian bug report, this is caused by your user name none which seems treated special by GNU Screen.

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